Information about legal entities in view of the Austrian UBO Act

The Austrian UBO Act (WiEReG) provides for the different variants of legal entities various reporting and control regulations of ultimate beneficial owners. Depending on which form of entity is concerned, a complete exemption from the obligations of the law can exist. Almost all legal entities covered by the scope of the Austrian UBO Act have the obligation to perform documented verification of their register entry at least once a year, for some legal entities there is no obligation to register since their beneficial owners can be automatically extracted from a different master register. On the other hand, for some entities or for some kinds of beneficial ownership there is the obligation to report the actual ultimate beneficial owner of the legal entity.

In the following, you can use the respective link to find out in detail and specifically for your company form whether and to what extent your company is affected by the provisions of the Austrian UBO Act. If you would like to check within a few minutes, whether your company has the obligation to actively register its beneficial owners you are invited to use our free self-check here without any further obligations.